How to Downgrade iOS 6.1.3 to iOS 6.1.2

Here we will show how to downgrade iOS 6.1.3 to 6.1.2 with Tinyumbrella and Sn0wBreeze. After downgrade you can easily jailbreak the iOS 6.1.2 device with Evasi0n.


  • Your device MUST be jailbroken before when it was still iOS 6.1.2, or it cannot be downgraded.
  • Make sure you HAVE SAVED your device’s SHSH blobs using Tinyumbrella 6.12.00 before you decide to downgrade.
  • Sn0wBreeze jailbreak tool only supports Windows system, so Mac OS X users CANNOT downgrade at the moment.
  • iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPad 2, The New iPad and other iOS devices based on A5 chip CANNOT be downgraded at the moment.


Notice: If you already made a backup for your device or don’t want to back up it, please skip the first 2 steps below and start from step 3 directly. However, the backup is always suggested in case you lose important information during downgrading.

Step 1: Download latest iTunes HERE
You can skip this step if you already have iTunes installed on your computer.

Step 2: Back up your device:

  1. Plug into your device and launch iTunes
  2. Right click the device name in the sidebar list
  3. Select Back Up and wait for the sync to finish


Step 3: Download required tools according to your device systems:

Ready to Go!

  1. Download and Extract and launch the file called sn0wbreeze-v2.9.14.exe in the folder.
  2. Click the blue arrow, choose "Browse for an ipsw" and select the iOS 6.1.2 firmware IPSW file you downloaded just now.
  3. Select bootrom, and click the blue arrow again.
  4. Select "iFaith Mode" and browse the SHSH blobs files for iOS 6.1.2 firmware IPSW and select an associated one.
  5. Click "Build IPSW", and Sn0wBreeze will begin to setup the custom firmware.
  6. Now please make your device go into the DFU mode by following the steps below:
    • Quickly hold "Power" button on your for 3 three seconds
    • Keep holding the "Power" button and press "Home" button for 10 seconds.
    • Release "Power" button but keep pressing "Home" button. After this your device’s screen will go completely black, don’t worry it’s just a part of the process.
  7. Now, ireb utility will patch the iboot.
    Notice: If there is any other iTunes or restore logo on your device’s screen, it means you are not in DFU mode yet and place it in the DFU mode once again. To exit the DFU mode, just press Home and Power button until the Apple logo is visible.
  8. Run iTunes, while pressing "Shift" Key and select "Restore". Select the custom firmware IPSW file that you made in step 6 and let iTunes downgrade iOS 6.1.3 to 6.1.2.

After this, your device will be successfully downgraded and will run iOS 6.1.2 firmware. If there are any mistakes, try above instructions step by step once again. If the downgrade is successfully completed, you can start enjoying the jailbreak and amazing apps from Cydia.