How to Hide the Cydia Icon

When it referred to Cydia, we will think of jailbreak, have you ever tried to hide the Cydia icon to make jailbreak information hard to be detected? Here are some tips for you.
Two effective and simple ways which help a lot in hiding Cydia icon if you are using an iPhone or iPad and you don’t want others to know that your device is a jailbroken one. Please pay attention here:
To validate the first way, a free app from Cydida called "SBSettings" is required to be installed on your device. For SBSetting installing, the following steps will lead you to achieve it:

  1. Open Cydia, touch "Search" tab and search for "SBSettings"
  2. Tap "Install" and "Confim"to get SBSettings on your iDevice.
  3. Wait for Cydia to install and add SBSettings.

After installation, you may configure SBSetting to hide the Cydia icon as below:

  1. Tap "SBSettings" icon or use the customized activation method to open SBSettings.
  2. Slide and tap the "Hide Icons" option, you will be presented with a menu.
  3. Locate "Cydia" in the menu and tap it to hide the icon.

To unhide the Cydia icon, just repeat the above steps!

Another app which can be used to hide the Cydia icon is highly recommended since it enables you to both hide jailbreak information but also monitor the activity on your device. Like the first way mentioned above, you need to install an app named "iKeyMonitor".

  1. Download iKeyMonitor from Cydia:
  2. Launch Cydia and tap on “Search” button
  3. Enter iKeyMonitor and you will get an app list
  4. Select the one from BigBoss source and Install it
  5. After install please be sure to "Restart SpringBoard"

Now you get iKeyMonitor running on your device. You can open Safari and enter http://localhost:8888 to access iKeyMonitor. Please follow steps below to hide the Cydia icon.

  1. Enter "Settings" – "Advance Settings" page of iKeyMonitor
  2. Click the option "Hide Jailbreak Info (Cydia)" and click "Save Settings"

To unhide the Cydia icon, please uncheck "Hide Jailbreak Info (Cydia)" and then "Save Settings".

Now go back to the main screen of your iPhone/iPad, you will find the Cydia icon is disappeared. Done and Congratulations!

To open Cydia without showing it on the screen, please open Safari, visit "Cydia://" and you will be navigated to the Cydia interface.