How to Remove Cydia Update Notification

To experience more applications that AppStore cannot guarantee, you need to jailbreak your device. Then the annoying question comes: there are always some update notifications appear on the Cydia icon. However, the installation and configuration of the AppFlow will help you out easily.

  1. Lunch Cydia and install AppFlow in the searching bar.
    Install AppFlow
  2. Touch AppFlow icon to bring up the interface, and then tap the button shown.
    Open AppFlow
  3. In all of the drop-down applications, find Cydia and tap on it.
    Setup AppFlow
  4. In the four drop-down options of Cydia, click" Badge It"
    Badge It
  5. Input badge number "0" in the box and click "OK"
    Remove Badge

Now the update notification of the Cydia is removed:

Before Badge >>>>After Badge