The Disadvantages of Jailbreak

Why there are so many people who still use the original system since jailbreak brings us notable advantages?

No Trusty Jailbreak Available
The primary reason may be that there is no jailbreak available for certain versions. Another reason is that there is only tethered jailbreak for the iOS version or device. Sometimes it is troublesome that a tethered-jailbroken device need to be attached to a a computer or any other third party tool for it to be boot again.

Security and other Issues

Other people do not choose to jailbreak their iPhone or iPad even though untethered jailbreak is available because of the following reasons.

  1. Jailbreak will potentially reduce stability of the iDevice. Especially when some system privileges are changed, many services will be affected.
  2. The battery of the iDevice is more likely to run out since some apps or themes need to keep running as well as many plug-ins which run in the background.
  3. The security is another important issue for the system may become unsafe after jailbreak. If the user forgets to change the default authority password after jailbreak, your system is likely to be invaded in and your private information will be given away.

Everything is a double-edged sword, so is jailbreak. Whether jailbreak or not is left to users to decide.